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How you shop is changing this Christmas

How you shop is changing this Christmas……

Join us – in working together to create a force for the fantastic during what may well be a difficult Christmas for small businesses and families alike.

The WonderList was created by Laura Ludlow in order tocurate a selection of remarkable independent brands, products and shops and have 3 virtual pop-up shopping events each year with exclusive discounts and offers to those signed up to the directory.

I know for myself – the big Christmas shop in London is simply not feasible this year.  Not only are there more financial restraints, travelling in and out of different tiers, arranging visits to be COVID secure, and feeling carefree whilst out and about is also a consideration too.

In terms of selling The Skincare Connection products on a more local level, all Christmas fayre type events have been cancelled – understandably – and the challenge to get myself out there turns entirely to a more virtual one.

During the spring lockdown, I felt myself drawn to people who were doing their absolute best to keep afloat, using industrious ways to shop, create products and offer services we never knew we needed!  It has changed the way I shop and look at brands completely.  My first port of call hasn’t been the big retailers, it has often been Instagram or local community Facebook pages.  I have felt compelled to support smaller businesses and brands like my own.  I won’t deny that the larger retailers, especially those who operate solely online, can’t be beaten on price.  It’s just not possible.  But when we buy from and independent retailer you are doing so much more than clicking “BUY”.

Personally, EVERYTIME, and I mean EVERYTIME someone places an order with The Skincare Connection, my heart swells with excitement.  “What have they chosen, is it a gift, I wonder why they have gone for that product or this product, how have they heard about me?” a million questions run through my head.  Every product is handmade and packaged with love and care – after all it is my business to make sure it is, and that my customer receives a product of the highest quality – so they will come back time and again and recommend to friends and family.  I have a high percentage of repeat orders which continues my drive to continue at a time when sometimes being a business owner has felt so completely overwhelming.

If you have felt the same pull – to supporting small and independent, I would be delighted to share this directory with you – take an evening to think about what gifts you would like to buy, who for and what budget you have.  

Enjoy with an early season mulled wine or Christmas mocktail, and throw in some Christmas tunes for good measure.  And remember that every time you buy independent – you are supporting someone’s dream.

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