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The Benefits of Lavender

Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious right now? 

Lavender is proving so beneficial in our household right now as it has so many benefits:

  • improves sleep
  • relieves stress, anxiety, depression
  • emotional balancer
  • promotes balanced blood sugar, reduces blood pressure
  • helps skin conditions - acne, bites, wounds, athletes foot

Why not try a few of these treats with lavender oil?

  • a few drops on a cotton hankie
  • a few drops on a cotton wool pad and pop in a glass bottle and cap it
  • few drops in a diffuser
  • warm soak in a bath - 5 to 10 drops in 1 tbsp of milk.  Can add flowers too!!
  • mix with oil and add to a roller and use on your temples, ears, wrists and feet
  • add to water and spritz on bed linen

Lavender flowers work beautifully in a mini bag under your pillow to aid sleep and can be freshened up with a few drops of oil when necessary. Also great for keeping the moths out.  Lavender leaves can even make tea!!   

Little Print Gifts has so many lavender bag options available in her shop so do take a look. 

Hope you’ll be putting your lavender oil and flowers to good use to get you through difficult times - medicinally used for 1000s of years so perfect for one right now. 

Stay calm, safe and well love Victoria x


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