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The unique Liberty of London hop and lavender eye pillow

Little Print Gifts is so excited to be sharing with you a brand spanking new eye pillow.  

It’s not just any old eye pillow - this is filled with hops, lavender, rice and linseeds and perfectly weighted to sooth and relax you.  It can be used as is or popped in the freezer or the microwave depending on your requirements.  What’s more, it’s been reviewed by the The Review Studio @reviewstudiouk and they give them the thumbs up!

To get your own hops or discover more about their benefits, do check this link out to get your very best lavender oil to top up the weighted bag.  The Liberty of London cover even slips off so you can wash it!  

If you don’t have the energy to make your own during these gorgeous long hot summer days - look no further than Little Print Gifts.  These are now listed so why not take advantage of the sale right now and get yourself 20% off until Monday 29th August with the code HOT22.  These will make a super gift this autumn and dare I say it, for Christmas! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer and happy shopping! 

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