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Why buy handmade goods from a pop up fair?

Hello!  As we venture into spring-summer, do remember the pop up fairs and shops that offer fabulous products. You won’t be disappointed!

Here at Little Print Gifts, I pride myself on making beautiful Liberty of London fabric gifts for all occasions and here’s why you should buy handmade products from small independent businesses:

🌸 Handmade products are unique and one-of-a kind, making them special and memorable.

🌸 Buying handmade supports small businesses and artists, helping to promote a sustainable, creative economy.

🌸 Handmade products are often of higher quality than mass-produced, store-bought items.

🌸 Purchasing handmade products helps to reduce environmental impact as it requires less energy and consumption of natural resources.

🌸 Buying handmade creates a direct connection between you and the artist or business, allowing for a more meaningful shopping experience.

Here’s where you’ll find me amongst some other amazing creatives, so, come along and support us and I hope to bump into you very soon x


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